Delicious freshly prepared canapes for parties weddings and events

How many Canapés will I need?

This is always the first question and it depends on: 

  • the length of your event
  • the time of day
  • the number of guests
  • the mix of guests – men tend to eat more, children less
  • the format of the event – are  Canapés the only food or do they precede a sit down dinner or buffet?
  • the amount of alcohol being served

However the general rule of thumb is 5-6 Canapés per head for the first hour and then 3-4 per hour thereafter.    

How many different types should I choose?

If you are having 6 Canapés per person then choose 6 different ones. If you are having 9 choose 9 different ones.     

Canape menus for parties weddings and events in Wiltshire Gloucester Somerset Bath and Bristol

How do I choose a good menu of Canapés?

We are very happy to advise you but try to choose a mix of meat based, fish based and vegetarian Canapés. There is a selection of Canapés that contain meat that can very easily be adapted to be vegetarian. If you know your party will include a lot of vegetarians then simply adapt your choices.   If your Canapés are pre-ceding other food then just choose savoury. If your event is a drinks reception or a party without any other food choose about two thirds savoury and one third sweet.     

Dietary Requirements and Allergies

If you know you have guests with specific dietary requirements then let us know and we will come up with some Canapés to suit their diet. We have a full written list of ingredients including allergens for all of the Canapés  we make.    This is available on request.   Many are gluten free or can be made with gluten free ingredients - just ask. And we can easily provide a selection of vegan Canapés - again just ask. 

The Canape Kitchen.  Full waitress service for Canape events

Who will serve the Canapés at my event or party?

 We can - if you would like us to.  Some of the Canapés for events are best served warm and require some last minute assembly so we would need some kitchen or worktop space. We would come and see you prior to the event to look at the space available and let you know how much kitchen or other space we would need – we are fairly used to working in small spaces and can be very discrete. 

Service costs depend upon the length of your party, the venue, the number of Canapés you have, the location,  and importantly, the number of guests.   This determines how many waiting staff we need.  All of this can be discussed and a fee would be agreed prior to your event. 

If your party or event is quite informal and you would like to lay your  Canapés out buffet style or would like to serve your guests yourself then we might like to come to your venue a couple of hours or so before the party to finish the Canapés off.  This is so they are at their best and freshest when you eat them - some don't travel well or may spoil slightly if prepared too far in advance.  We are very happy to do this while you get ready for your party and will be gone before your guests arrive. Again we would agree a fee for this in advance. 

We can loan out tablecloths and serving platters if required for a small additional charge.    

Can I sample some Canapés to help me choose?

 Yes of course.  We would be delighted to bring you a selection of Canapés to try in advance of your event. We would pass on a small charge for this of £25 to cover time and ingredients with your final invoice.      

How do I pay?

For large events we ask for a 20% deposit on booking to save the date.  The balance is then due a week or 2 before the event.  For small orders and Canape Boxes we will invoice you a few days ahead of collection/delivery for online payment.

Pricing & Quantities - some examples.

Canapes from The Canape Kitchen Wiltshire

2 hour Drinks Party for 50

Big Birthday Party for 75 - 4 hours

Big Birthday Party for 75 - 4 hours

8 Canapés each   - £6 per head 

plus £150 service

Canapes from The Canape Kitchen Gloucester

Big Birthday Party for 75 - 4 hours

Big Birthday Party for 75 - 4 hours

Big Birthday Party for 75 - 4 hours

Canapés throughout - 16 each £12 a head 

plus £250 service

Set the scene - 5 Canapés each for first hour £3.75 a head plus £100 service

Canapes from The Canape Kitchen Bath and Bristol

3 hour Garden Party for 40

Big Birthday Party for 75 - 4 hours

3 hour Garden Party for 40

12 Canapés each £9 a head

plus £150 service